Helicopter Rides

Helicopter Charter


Helicopters are used for going to places where no other commercial airliner or private jet can go.

Helicopters are chartered for all kinds of leisure trips, providing fast, comfortable and efficient air travel.

Why use AIRNETZ for Helicopter private charters?

Helicopters are extremely versatile, can land or take-off from city centre helipads, private estates, hotels and remote or inaccessible areas
Passengers can easily visit multiple destinations in one day
Ideal for airport transfers and enabling passengers to arrive closer to their final destination
A cost-effective, convenient way of travelling to major social and sporting events and for leisure trips
Spacious cabins that combine wide open club seating with exceptional comfort and excellent visibility
Helicopters can also be chartered for urgent medical evacuations
AIRNETZ Provides Helicopters for the following services :

  • Emergency Medical services
  • Weddings
  • Election Rallies
  • On-shore and Off-shore Travel
  • Connecting Flights to Airport