Travel writers bloggers enthusiasts wanted

For those who are bored of a regular high paying job life and want to be known as a writer/blogger/author/contributor and those who love the travel industry.
We are looking for a enthusiast travel writer who can lead our upcoming travel forum for our travel company on revenue sharing basis. The forum will be in general travel discussions about deals, feedback, reviews. 
The writer will have to post regular topics on travel forum and invite users from all over the world to the forum to contribute, comment or submit reviews.
The company will be sharing advertising revenues with the writer. 
If the candidate can build the forum successfully with large number of users, it will be a great value addition to your profile and a regular fixed revenue coming from shared advertising revenues.
If interested, please contact :  info at airnetz dot com 
For those, who want to develop our forum on a paid basis, submit your proposal to info at airnetz dot com