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Yuba County Airport is a county owned public airport in Yuba County, California, three miles southeast of Marysville, California. This airport is included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2011–2015, which categorized it as a general aviation facility.


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The Civil Aeronautics Board, and as authorized by Public No. 812, 76th Congress, approved the construction of Alicia Airport and the City of Marysville and the County of Yuba jointly purchased 833 acres for this purpose. Alicia Airport was built in 1941 by contractor L. D. Richardson and Co. of Beverly Hills, California.

In March 1942 the City of Marysville and County of Yuba leased the airport and its 833 acres to the Army Air Forces to serve as air support command base for Marysville Cantonment (later named Camp Beale) and designated as Marysville Army Airfield. Marysville Army Air Field was used for a short time as a sub-base of Hamilton Field and controlled by the IV Fighter Command. One major unit served at Marysville Army Airfield, the 369th Fighter Group, a Replacement Training Unit that trained on A-36 Apaches, P-39 Airacobras, and P-40 Warhawks. The group had three fighter squadrons, the 398th, 399th, and 400th.

It served there from November 5, 1943 until they moved to Oroville Army Airfield in January 1944. Marysville Army Air Field was eventually transferred to the Air Technical Service Command and was vacated.

In 1946 the City of Marysville released all interest in the airport to Yuba County, and in August 1947, through the War Assets Administration, Marysville Army Airfield was released to Yuba County. Yuba County Airport was licensed as an approved airport on September 30, 1949 by the State of California and continues to operate as a municipal airport and industrial park.



Lat: 39°05′52″N
Long: 121°34′11″W
Elevation: 64 ft.
Runway length available: 05/23 3281×60 ft. :: 14/32 6006×150 ft.


To Charter a Jet From/To Yuba County Airport, Call +1 608 554 0461 or call +91 9930403019 or Click Here